A Safe and Easy Endoscopic Examination

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Our center provides inspections for foreigners as well.

Since opening the Gastrointestinal center in 2006, the number of patients requesting for endoscopic examinations at our center have been increasing each year.
In 2015, which is the 10th year since we opened, this number has increased to 7,000 in a year, and we have received high praise from our patients.

Painless Endoscopy

Our center provides "painless endoscopy" so that patients can take inspections without having to worry.
Painless endoscopy is a method for reducing the pain that accompanies endoscopic examinations by injecting an analgesic. After injecting patients become sleepy, and so they can be inspected in a relaxed state. The inspection time requires about 10 minutes and for polypectomy it requires only 30 minutes. This way the patient is able to receive inspections with very little stress.

Regarding Inspection Fees

*If you don't have a health insurance card, you will have to pay the full fee in cash.

Colonoscopy / Surgery
Colonoscopy Approx. ¥20,000
Colonoscopy biopsy Approx. ¥30,000 - ¥50,000
Colonoscopy resection Approx. ¥60,000 - ¥70,000
Gastroscopy / Surgery
Gastroscopy Approx. ¥15,000
Gastroscopy biopsy Approx. ¥30,000

How to Make Reservation

Please fill in the necessary items in the reservation form below if you wish to receive endoscopic examination at the digestive health center of our center.
We will contact you by e-mail once we confirm the details of the reservation form.

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